Monday, February 08, 2010

Cartoonist Survey by David Paccia

David Paccia recently asked me to parcipate in a Cartoonist Survey, where I answer a bunch of questions about art and cartooning. I'm entry #67, currently featured on the front page of the site. If you ever wanted to know if I'm a righty or a lefty, now's your chance.

Cartoonist Survery #67

He even managed to write up a great bio on me—I guess by scouring the corners of the internet. And he dug up this photo (I'm guessing from my FableVision bio, which could use an update). Yep, that's what I look like. I don't know who the dork in the jeans and glasses is next to me, though.

Thanks to Chris Sabatino for pointing David my way. Definitely read up on all the cartoonists who've contributed to the survey so far—lots of interesting info to dig through. And thank you, David.


Louise Smythe said...

man, this is awesome! congrats! you have a lot of wisdom, bob.

David said...

Bob, thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions, and also for posting this. I really enjoy your drawing style. Your monsters and creatures couldn't be cooler!

Chris Sabatino said...

I appreciate the thank you, Bob, because I love to see my name in print (except on a summons!!), BUT, although I did rave to David Paccia about your work, sites & links, David said he had already emailed you a survey before I shamelessly gushed about you! Just proves you're becoming famous in the art world: BOB, the BIG BOY of the CARTOON UNIVERSE!!!!

David DeGrand said...

Nice interview there Bob! I think Calvin and Hobbes has influenced pretty much every cartoonist our age, I still have all my old collections. And horses are a real pain to draw.

Jason Curtis said...

Great little interview. I always enjoy getting to know an artist a bit better.

Thanks for sharing.