Friday, January 08, 2010


I drew this chump for today's What the Doodle? over at Creative Juices. The random word this week was TANNING. I normally don't use gradients (I'm a flat color guy), but tans do have gradation in certain areas, so I went for it. Drawn and colored in Flash.


Jason Curtis said...

Considering we're buried deep in snow up here in the Great White North, just thinking about the sun (which I haven't seen in days) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. So thanks!

Great character Bob!

You are just too damn talented.

Chris Houghton said...

Too cool Bob! It is a little different to see gradients in your work but it looks really good here!

And btw, your "Dark Day" comic is wonderful.

Mike Rauch said...

The gradient is definitely working for you here. Love the way his back just seems to pop!

Abz said...

love it!

Drop by for a visit...let me know what you think of my art. :)