Sunday, October 11, 2009

Don't ask.

Searching through old email and this image showed up.

I sent it to myself from work back in March.


Chris Houghton said...

So. Weird. And Awesome.

Food and Drugs said...

Hello, your blog is amazing.
I'm happy to have found it.

chrisallison said...

oh my god, you have posted so much GOLD! i love the man in the lifesaver, the textures are WONDERFUL and the drawing is hilarious.

i can't believe those sketches are in your SKETCHBOOK and not on the wall. such cartoony greatness. the wiggly hands/wiggly pupils sketch is my favorite of the bunch, and i love how you get textures and stuff into your inking. i gotta steal tha- erm, i mean, pay homage to your technique.

i'm SUUUUPER tempted to get my cartoonist pals together and try to do 100 drawings. that sounds AWESOME. now where to hold this event? somewhere in which ink can FLY

your jinx the monkey short was really fun. you got a really great old time FEEL with the effects you used, and the story was cute and felt fitting to the time period.

your blog is a great source of inspiration, thanks for constantly sharing, bob!

Bob Flynn said...

Well thank ya fellers.

And thanks for stopping by again, Chris! Great to hear all the nice stuff you have to say. Glad to hear this blog isn't completely in vain (though it basically is). Also glad to see "Jinx" still has was my first short (OLD now), so all I see is stuff I would rework and improve.

I subscribe to your RSS, so I'm always checking in on your animation tests and drawings. Cartoonyness brings people together, doesn't it?