Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More ArtRage

I've been mainly using ArtRage to create backgrounds for animation. Because Flash is a vector environment, it can be a bit limiting working primarily in flat colors. I've wanted to experiment with textured and painterly backgrounds for awhile. Above is the opening shot of another short animation I'm working on. The background is all ArtRage; the characters and living room props are all Flash (so they can be animated).

Here is a background I painted for a long panning shot of a destroyed city, burnt to a crisp. Flames were added later in Flash.

One of the short-comings of ArtRage, in my opinion, is that it lacks the ability make a mess or add grimy texture...spray paint, spatters, sponges, drips, etc. I gravitated to tools like this in Painter—or, it was really easy to do in Painter. So, to achieve the effect I had in mind, I created a bunch of smudge and spatter paintings with real—that's right, REAL—watercolors. I made this mess of a painting by dabbing my finger tips on watercolor paper. You can probably make out my finger print in places.

I then superimposed it over a digital painting of the insides of intestines. After some layer compositing in Photoshop, I arrived at the dirty-smudgey look I was going for. I think this might have been one of the first backgrounds I made using the program.

Again, highly recommended! Just play around with ArtRage and see where it takes you!


SteveLambe said...

Art rage is an awesome little program. I like how you can paint and palette knife all in one stroke. Makes for some great blending. I just wish it had a wee few more features.

Now if Art Rage and Photoshop were to get together and make a baby, I would adopt it instantly.

Louise Smythe said...

Bob, did you learn most of what you know in Flash from WashU? We're starting it tomorrow and I've never used it before but I'm really interested in animation. Obviously you use it and I assume you like it? Is it as hard a program to use as people say it is?

Great backgrounds! I can't wait to see this!

Chris Houghton said...

NICE stuff! I can't wait to see this animation you're working on. Is it for a personal project? Looks disgustingly funny!

Hilarious stuff and great textures Bob. Although I have already enhanced your fingerprints and sold them to some thugs for a quick buck. Hope you don't mind!

Bob Flynn said...

I think what I like about it is how easy it is to pick up and make stuff fast. But it could use like 5 more key tools. I'm dumbfounded there is no selection tool. But I use it with Photoshop to get the job done. A hybrid would be superb.

Even though I've been promoting ArtRage, Flash is hands down the most important computer app I have learned so far. I use it all day at work—making animation, games, and websites. It can be used for so many things. And yes, I got my feet wet at WashU. Tim McCandless was a lecturer at the time, and taught me most of what I know today. The rest I've learned from my crew at FableVision. "Jinx the Monkey" was my senior thesis project...first cartoon I ever made.

I'd be happy to share the tricks of the trade with you. Maybe I'll do some posts on it. It'll be difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it. Guaranteed. Good luck, and have fun tomorrow.

These are all from animations I'm working on at FableVision. I'll try to get them up when the project wraps up in the next month or so. Very funny, gross, and educational!

Sherm said...

Bob -- That compositing tip is GOLD. Thanks for sharing your cool techniques and keep rockin' that ArtRage!

JustMe said...

Thanks so much, Bob. I love your work as well and will follow your blog now. A lot of people say they prefer my simpler hand line work, so I'm going to keep it up. :) Thanks for the honesty.

I dig your post here about ArtRage! I was thinking about getting painter, but now I think I'll try ArtRage. Great results...and I love love love the gruesomeness in that melting face.

David DeGrand said...

Man I need to get on this Art Rage thing, the results you've had have been amazing! I really like how you composited the various smudgy textures for the grotesque innards background, really nice effect.

Bob Flynn said...

More thanks to go around! RAGE on! By the way, I've heard a new version (3) is due out this year. Maybe they'll add some new features (the big one it needs is a selection tool).

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,
It was so nice to talk with you today.
How ironic seeing the pumpkin pancakes. I took pictures this year of the same object. After the frost, the pumpkins were creating interesting forms and I took digital images from the tops of the stems as they were caving into the bodies.
I live on pumpkinville road in Cornish and have been photographing all colors and shapes of pumpkins.
good to see your work.
take care,
Mrs. Gomane Maxwell