Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Striking Gold

On the topic of difficulties drawing the opposite sex, it occurred to me that I enjoy drawing bratty girls. But I'm not sure that counts. I don't have a sister, but it must've rubbed off on me from all the cartoons and movies I've digested over the years that older sisters are mean and younger sisters are mischievous and annoying. Which to me equals FUNNY. My favorite girl character I've come up with so far (by far) is Goldisocks. I think she is more nuanced than the typical bratty stereotype—she's downright charming and adorable if you ask me! I caught her in a bad mood today, maybe because of the holidays.

She was just as much fun to draw again now, and she wouldn't have been made possible without the help of Sharon Emerson and an ever so beautiful voice.

I've posted before about Goldi here, but for those of you who missed out, take this short science game/fable for a spin. I hope a bunch of kids learned about the difference between heat and temperature by watching this :)

--> Play Goldisocks

Makes me want some porridge!


I just dug up a scan of my original concept sketch. Somehow the paper copy got lost. Glad to see the uni-brow was in there from the start.


Dave Schlafman said...

I LOVE Golisocks! What a great character. I think my point was that All women don't need to look super sexy or anything. You have females down. She's a true gem!!!!

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, Dave! You are certainly right on the women front. I don't want to fall into the trap of only drawing goofy guys and sexy women. I have more fun drawing goofy guys and goofy girls anyway.

But I do want to study the full spectrum of cartoony women, just so I have more to play with. The same goes with guys, too. The best part about working in a cartoony vocabulary is the opportunity for fun variety.

KristyD said...

This is amazing, Bob... you know, I always draw little girls in an what I believe is an annoyingly typical way... innocent, polite, well-mannered... in short, the way I probably seemed to anyone who wasn't my parents. I like that your characters have some spunk! And Goldisocks really made me laugh. Out loud. By myself. At 6 AM on a Sunday.