Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'll admit this guy's a strange concoction. I actually drew him from the bottom up, which I rarely do. I had this idea of cloud-like arms coming out of a trunk....and then he grew from there.


Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool. At first glance, my eyes focused on the arms, which then (by traditional ratios) made his crossed arms the mouth, and his mouth the nose. Somehow I missed the actual nose.

So I ended up spending 10 seconds wondering how a mouth, where the lips crossed like that, would work, before everything shifted back into focus. :-)

Bob Flynn said...

Hey, Vijay. I took me at least a minute to see what you were seeing, but it eventually came into pseudo-focus. Weird! He would have what I call "ninja turtle" mouth where you have almost a figure eight (teeth, beak drops down, teeth).

Anonymous said...

este es fabuloso!