Friday, November 30, 2007

Telephone Pictionary

Yesterday at work we played a fun sort of "telephone pictionary" game that worked like this: (1) Someone thinks of a phrase, writes it down, and passes it on to someone to draw. (2) The next person looks at the drawing, writes down what they think it is on a new card, and passes that down for another person two draw. (3) Repeat step 2, and hilarity ensues! This chain started with "I want my MTV," and made this progression of phrases: channel-surfing--> there's nothing good on T.V.--> sedative--> a maniacal doctor prepares the syringe--> a drug doctor trying to kill someone...and then it landed on me to draw with this phrase:

"A cracked-out, drug advocate sticks up a man with no hands and a nice hat."

There were some great doodles by fellow co-workers. The person after me wrote "Say hello to Myrtle," and it ended on "Slow readers make happy people."

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