Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Comic in ARGH! #3

Click the images to see larger versions.
Discussed in these previous posts (1, 2).
My first comic for ARGH!#2 can be viewed here.


Jim Fagerquist said...

Great work Bob. It's so different from your ARGH comic from issue #2. My favorite part in your comics are the solid background color with the character contrasted in white (in comic #2 it was frames 10,13 and in comic #3 frame #10). Nice Job.



Bob Flynn said...

Thanks Jim! After seeing Issue #2, I realized the magazine had more of a groteque bite to it, so this time around a did a comic that fit the mold a little better. And yes, I used those panels for moments of emphasis. It's tricky working with one color, so it was a device I came up with.

paciente r said...

Loved this comic...Argh stuff is great