Monday, February 05, 2007

Good Ole Days

This is a still frame from a short animation I made for a documentary film. Some producers came to FableVision with the goal of sprinkingly a bit of animation their film. It happens to be a period piece, so when they saw my Jinx the Monkey cartoon they loved the old-time vibe of it. It was a trip down memory lane making a 1920s style cartoon again. I'll try and post the whole thing when I know it's okay to show (a lot of this stuff is pretty hush-hush when it's in production).

UPDATE: Watch the full animation at this post: History, animated.


Mondgucker said...

Yeah! Very old fashioned! I like it a lot!

All the best

ulf k.

Alex Noriega said...

Bob! I love all your stuff... really... very inspiring

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks fellas! I've seen your work too, Alex. You are the master doodler!