Monday, January 22, 2007

Fight Lava with Ice!

So, here is the colored version of my illustration for Roger Omar's Elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca, a book of childrens' dreams. I am just one of about 80 artists from several other countries he selected for the project (we were all chosen to illustrate a dream). The other contributing artists can be viewed here. A special shout out to Onsmith Jeremi who will be also featured in the book.

The dream I selected was experienced by a Mexican boy named José:

I was in a planet with a lot of volcanos, and it was too hot.
I was walking when a big lava-monster jumped out from a volcano.
I threw laser-rays from one hand, and ice from the other hand.
The monster threw gigantic lava balls. I could not beat him until I threw ice to him. Weakened, the monster went inside the volcano and did not came back.

I can only hope that my lava monster will live up to José's expectations. The book is to be published sometime this year, and evidently Roger is planning an exhibition in Spain.

UPDATE: Fellow artists Loren Lee and James Hindle contributed illustrations as well!


elfelix said...

Of course José will like it!

Hahaha! That Roger Omar! Qué tío!

Onsmith said...

Yes! Awesome, Bob! Balls to the wall on that one. Good job.

Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, fellas! This was definitely a fun one. I don't know about you, Onsmith, but I'm itching to get this book now. The latest illustrations seem to be getting even better.

maxi said...

Muy guapo!!!!