Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 Bobs

I just got back from a trip to St. Louis, MO...where I had a run in with a friend of mine, Bob of Bob's Big Boy—one of great examples of character branding in advertising. He's cool and creepy with all his wholesome cartoon goodness. Bob has deeper meaning to me as of late, because I was recently involved in a job at work where we tried to spin him off in a science game called "Nano-boy's."

Legal kindly informed us that the resemblance (parody or not) was too similar, so we ended up swapping in another friendly character in his place. Anyway, here's to you, Bobs!

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Renee Kurilla said...

You know, Bob #1...or 2...(I'd like to think you'd call yourself Bob #1), looking at this now I'm only more confused as to why you couldn't use this image. Besides the fact that it's all you and only a slight mimic...Big Boy was soooo 10 years ago. :) You'd think they'd appreciate the call-out.